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Rigel S3
Rigel S3
Monitoring the Quality of CAR-T Production provides an all-in-one solution for cell counting, cell viability, T/NK cell mediated cytotoxicity, culturing, and re-infusion. Countstar Rigel provides you with GMP-compliant solution for cell quality control.
Automated Cell Analyzer for Bioprocessing
Automated Cell Analyzer for Bioprocessing
Countstar Altair complies with all the requirements of GxP-regulated envirionment, able to used in analyzing concentration and viability of cell in process development, antibody industry and quality control.
countstar cell counter

New Generation Flow Cytometry Cell Counting and Cell Cycle Analysis

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About Countstar
Introducing Countstar?Cell Analysis Systems, a line of instruments with an innovative combination of advanced technologies.
Countstar® brings together the functionality of digital microscopes, cytometers and automated cell counters into intuitively designed systems. By combining bright-field and fluorescent imaging with classical dye-exclusion technologies, Countstar cell count and analysis systems provide extensive data on cell morphology, viability, and concentration in real time. Countstar® Systems go further by generating high-resolution images -- the essential basis for sophisticated data analysis. With more than 2,000 analyzers installed worldwide, Countstar® cell analyzers are proven to be valuable tools in research, process development, and validated production environments.
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